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Artist Interview: Stefano Ronchi
Although Italian artist Stefano Ronchi prefers seclusion, we crack open the shell and discuss the details behind his surrealistic work. With a magnifying glass and his appreciation for the masters, he twists childhood memories into densely populated micro-environments. He graduated with formal training in the arts and now spends his "free time" researching methods to introduce the realism of Rembrandt or Caravaggio into the surrealism of his own work. He recently…
Artist Interview: Zansky
Loving the challenge of a limited color palette, Sao Paolo based artist, Zansky, compliments his mind-blowing illustrations with an experimental mindset. The well-executed marriage of these two elements has earned the attention of clients like Canson, Fiat, Microsoft and Puma. And if music isn't blasting around his printing press, don't look for signs of foul-play too quick. Bets are he's running around the city with long-standing art collective, BASE-V, teaching workshops on experimental print methods. Upon experiencing Zansky's work, I would…
Artist Interview: Alejandro Giraldo
Illustrator and Art Director, Alejandro Giraldo, was born with some serious Colombian blood. Growing up in the late 80's and early 90's, the streets of Medellin were a particularly dangerous place for a kid. But he wants people to know that, although Pablo Escobar's name is still strongly associated with his city, it is now thriving, beautiful and safe. He recently celebrated the two year anniversary for his clothing brand, Velmost - with his biggest collection on the way. Having worked with clients like Nike, Snickers…
Hanging With: Kristen Liu-Wong [NSFW]
Kristen Liu-Wong is a 23-year-old illustrator, painter, whatever living in Brooklyn [her words not mine]. The recent Pratt Institute grad is putting out some pretty rad art and getting plenty of attention because of it. Her body of work is significant and spans a series of mediums - oil & resined paintings, illustrations, silkscreens, self-published zines, embroidery, glassware and videos. Her themes often reflect a blend of brightly colored folk art, bizarre narratives, sex and violence. Guess what we talked…
Artist Interview: Rudy Faber
Rudy Faber, a digital illustrator and traditional painter, lives and works from a small creative flat in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Bouncing back from a severe 9-to-5 burnout, he talks tattoos, the women of his work, his pregnant mannequin and hints at a "hush hush" Playstation 4 project. His thematic diversity is inspired by tattoos, Americana, Japanese folkore and an appreciation for the female figure. 
Artist Interview: Kristopher Kotcher aka Frenemy
Growing up without supervision, Kristopher Kotcher aka Frenemy, cultivated a rich imagination with countless years as a street artist. He runs us through being chased by a madman with a shotgun, moving to Southeast Asia, and collaborating with one of the largest international lifestyle brands in the world. Originally from Austin, TX, he now lives and creates from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Ben: How does a…
Interview with Welsh illustrator Philip Morgan

Cooper: Where is home to you Phil? Is there a place you would rather live?

Morgan: Home for me is a place called Penarth, which is just outside of Cardiff in South Wales. I have lived in parts of Cardiff but now live back in my hometown. If I could live anywhere in the world it would have to be San Francisco. I’ve been many times over the years and I love the vibe of the city.

View the full interview with Philip Morgan here:

Interview with Ruben Ireland
Cooper: Born in Amsterdam you currently reside in Worcester. How much longer will this be your home, is there a place you would rather live?

Ireland: I don’t imagine I’ll be here much longer. Since I left London I’ve been moving around quite a bit, first going back to my hometown, then a year in Cyprus and now here in Worcester and I still don’t feel like I’ve found the right place to settle. I really miss London in fact, I’m considering moving back towards the end of the year...

View the full interview with Ruben Ireland here:

Interview with Max-o-matic
Cooper: Born in Buenos Aires you currently reside in Barcelona. How much longer will this be your home, is there a place you would rather live? Why did you decide to leave Argentina?

Máximo Tuja aka Max-o-matic: Buenos Aires in 2001 was not the most friendly place on earth to live in - social and economic crash, violence and not many opportunities. In that context Barcelona seemed a nice place to start a new adventure.

Since early 2002 I’ve been living here and working as a designer and illustrator in this beautiful city, and I can see myself living here for a long time. I´m not good at making long term plans, so I never know what I will be doing in ten years, but Barcelona right now (and for the last twelve years) is the place in the world that I want to live in...

View the full interview with Max-o-matic here:

Buy Max-o-matic's Limited Edition Art Print, "Police and Thieves", made in collaboration with Society6:

Interview with Michael C. Hsi­ung
You grew-up in Chinatown, Los Angeles and currently reside in Los Feliz, right? How much longer will this be your home, is there a place you and your lip foliage would rather be?

Yep, I was born in Chinatown, and grew up in various parts of the San Fernando Valley. After I graduated, I went to college and eventually moved back to LA in 2007. Now, I live over in Los Feliz close to the Observatory. It’s a nice area with walkable bars and stuff...

View the full interview with Michael C. Hsi­ung:

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