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New Artist Collaboration Available: 2017 Limited Edition Artist Calendar!
Did this year just FLY by, or is it just me?! It's ALREADY that time of year where we find 12 more artists to contribute to our FOURTH annual Society6 calendar, each artist representing one of the 12 months of 2017! If you haven't had a chance to get your hands on years 2014,
New Artist Collaboration Available: 2016 Limited Edition Artist Calendar!
It's that time of year again (can you believe it?!) to find 12 more artists to contribute to our third annual Society6 calendar, each artist representing one of the 12 months of 2016. The past two years of calendars have been seriously RAD (you can check them out here and
Interview with Welsh illustrator Philip Morgan

Cooper: Where is home to you Phil? Is there a place you would rather live?

Morgan: Home for me is a place called Penarth, which is just outside of Cardiff in South Wales. I have lived in parts of Cardiff but now live back in my hometown. If I could live anywhere in the world it would have to be San Francisco. I’ve been many times over the years and I love the vibe of the city.

View the full interview with Philip Morgan here:

Interview with Ruben Ireland
Cooper: Born in Amsterdam you currently reside in Worcester. How much longer will this be your home, is there a place you would rather live?

Ireland: I don’t imagine I’ll be here much longer. Since I left London I’ve been moving around quite a bit, first going back to my hometown, then a year in Cyprus and now here in Worcester and I still don’t feel like I’ve found the right place to settle. I really miss London in fact, I’m considering moving back towards the end of the year...

View the full interview with Ruben Ireland here:

Interview with Max-o-matic
Cooper: Born in Buenos Aires you currently reside in Barcelona. How much longer will this be your home, is there a place you would rather live? Why did you decide to leave Argentina?

Máximo Tuja aka Max-o-matic: Buenos Aires in 2001 was not the most friendly place on earth to live in - social and economic crash, violence and not many opportunities. In that context Barcelona seemed a nice place to start a new adventure.

Since early 2002 I’ve been living here and working as a designer and illustrator in this beautiful city, and I can see myself living here for a long time. I´m not good at making long term plans, so I never know what I will be doing in ten years, but Barcelona right now (and for the last twelve years) is the place in the world that I want to live in...

View the full interview with Max-o-matic here:

Buy Max-o-matic's Limited Edition Art Print, "Police and Thieves", made in collaboration with Society6:


Interview with Michael C. Hsi­ung
You grew-up in Chinatown, Los Angeles and currently reside in Los Feliz, right? How much longer will this be your home, is there a place you and your lip foliage would rather be?

Yep, I was born in Chinatown, and grew up in various parts of the San Fernando Valley. After I graduated, I went to college and eventually moved back to LA in 2007. Now, I live over in Los Feliz close to the Observatory. It’s a nice area with walkable bars and stuff...

View the full interview with Michael C. Hsi­ung:
Interview with Jesse Draxler
Originally from Freedom, Wisconsin, you currently reside in Minneapolis having recently returned there from a stint in Los Angeles. Where is home to you?

Currently an attic in Uptown, Minneapolis, MN, USA...

View the full interview with Jesse Draxler here:
Interview with Alexey Luka
You are currently living in Moscow, are you from there? How would you describe the life of an artist living and working in Russia? Would you prefer to live elsewhere?

Yes, I’m from Moscow where you are very far away from a lot of interesting things.

Not sure I would want to live anywhere else, I love my city...

View the full interview with Alexey Luka here:
Interview with Pat Perry

You recently returned from speaking at OFFF festival in Barcelona, having logged 2,500 miles of the United States aboard hopped freight trains before that. Have your exploits outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan made you a better person or art maker?

I certainly hope so, but who’s to say? I can only speculate about what kind of person I’d be if I’d anchored down in Grand Rapids more. I would be cleaner, I know that...

View the full interview with Pat Perry here:
Interview with Christina Magnussen of Gala, and Hans Christian Oren of Oh Yeah Studio
For many years the two of you worked together as Oslo based design agency Oh Yeah Studio. Today, Hans continues to run Oh Yeah Studio, while Christina has recently gone on to found design & illustration agency, Gala...

View the full interview with Christina and Hans here:

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