Tip$: Top Sellers' Secrets Revealed
If you are not yet selling your work as products on Society6, please click here to learn more about getting started http://society6.com/help/selling

Here's a quick checklist that you can reference when getting your products ready and working to generate healthier sales:

1. Learn about pricing and categorizing your work to sell http://society6.com/studio/blog/Prici...rk_to_Sell

2. Make sure you prepare your artwork files correctly, before making a Post. Placement of your files for T-shirts is key. Be sure to carefully check your previews and adjust the file if necessary. Also, please don't add white borders to your prints, we do that for you when we print them. More on file preparation for prints here http://www.society6.com/help/prints and for t-shirts here http://society6.com/studio/blog/File_...r_T_shirts

3. Link your Twitter account, so that your Society6 Posts automatically become updates on your Twitter account. Enable Twitter at http://www.society6.com/account/twitter

4. Link your Facebook page, so that your Society6 Posts automatically become updates on your Facebook feed. Enable Facebook at http://www.society6.com/account/facebook

5. Use your personalized display banner to easily display all of the products that you are selling on Society6 within your own site or blog. Grab your dynamic banner at http://www.society6.com/account/banner

6. Be sure to add the other products (t-shirts, iPhone Cases and more) to accompany each and round out your product mix. You are automatically prompted to do this with each new product post. You can go back and "Add T-shirts & more" by editing any previous product post.

7. Create a shop on your site. Many top selling members display their Society6 items on their own site and link to their store on Society6.

8. When you make a new product post, tell people about it. The best way to get your first sale is to notify the people already familiar with your work. Simply email the link to your Society6 Store, so that everyone knows your art prints, iPhone Cases, t-shirts and other products are now available for purchase!

We hope this is helpful! Please feel free to share your tips for selling too, right here in the comments.
Download the Society6 Wallpapers iPhone app, FREE in the app store
Congratulations, we've just released our new iPhone app with 100 FREE Society6 Artist Wallpapers served up daily from you and other Society6 members. Go check it out and enjoy: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/societ...78404?mt=8

We'd love to get this app featured on itunes and you can help us do it.
1. Download the Society6 Wallpapers app from the app store
2. Rate the App with five stars
3. Write a glowing Review
4. Tell as many people as you can

Thanks again everyone for being a part of Society6. We're excited about the app. The best part was just keeping it super simple so all your awesome artwork shines thru.
Sell more from your Studio Store (and other classic rhymes)
After alot of great feedback, we've made some improvements to all your Studio Stores here on Society6. We hope you likey.

Now it's easier for your fans and friends to shop thru your Society6 Studio(s). They can browse by all the different products you've enabled; like Art Prints, Stretched Canvas, T-Shirts, iPhone cases etc. If you haven't started selling on Society6 yet, check out help for more info to get started. http://www.society6.com/help/shop

We've also updated every post with Tweet and Facebook Like buttons to give your posts extra promotion outside of Society6. Click, click, bang!

Don't forget you can also go into your S6 Account and grab a widget that shows all your Society6 products for sale (across all your Studios). Embed this puppy on your site or blog and show all the people that love your work where they can get it for themselves.


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