New Limited Edition Art Quarterly Now Available! Get Your Copy >>
New Artist Collaboration Available: 2017 Limited Edition Artist Calendar!
Did this year just FLY by, or is it just me?! It's ALREADY that time of year where we find 12 more artists to contribute to our FOURTH annual Society6 calendar, each artist representing one of the 12 months of 2017! If you haven't had a chance to get your hands on years 2014,
No. 26 - A to Z Typography Zine
Introducing No. 26 -  A to Z Typography Zine now as a limited edition of 250. Since joining the S6 team I've wanted to create a ZINE!!!!  My love for typography runs deep. You'll notice all my notebooks and any pieces of paper lying around my desk are covered in hand lettering and type doodles. In short, I was born to create a typography zine. The artists who collaborated on this project blew it out of the water. The entire S6 team was stoked every time a new piece rolled in. I had the simple idea of an A-Z typography Zine. The talent,…
New Artist Collaboration Available: No. 26 A to Z Typography Zine
What's up Society6? Anthony Troester here (the new kid). I made the move from Cedar City, UT to LA back in May to join the team as a Graphic Designer. I'm a sucker for type work and everyone has been hounding me to get a collab going - so here we go! We are putting the call out to all S6 artists to collaborate on a new zine titled No. 26.  
Announcing the 2016 Society6 Calendar Artists!
Thank you so much to all of the artists that applied this year! We had over 3000 applicants and it was incredibly difficult to narrow it down to only 12 of you. So after some seriously intense deliberation, we are extremely excited to announce the 12 contributing artists for the 2016 Society6 Artist Calendar!   >>> GRAB…

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