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Tweaks and touches, what's new in the design of Society6

We recently made a couple of adjustments to a few key areas of Society6, namely Promotions and Profile.

Right away you'll notice that the Promotion button has changed. here's what's different:

- No more Zeros, before you get your first promotion there is no zero next to it.
- Hearts instead of Stars, we replaced the star icon with a gray heart cuz it's about showing some love.
- Promote in the profile, among other changes in the profile you can now Promote a post there as well.

We have and are still making some adjustments to the profiles. here's what's different/going to change:

- Promotion thumbnails, you can now see the thumbnail from a post that you have Promoted. More interesting for people checking out your profile and for your own reference.
- More for your posts, we now show more info and image from the posts you have made. More interesting for people checking out your profile. Plus they can promote your posts from here too.
- We'll also be adjusting the Studio thumbnail size in here to correspond with the sizes around the site.

Hope you enjoy the new design tweaks.
Tweaks and touches, what's new in the design of Society6 by Justin Wills

on the charts

in the Profile by Justin Wills

in the Profile

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mark polansky commented on Thursday, July 2, 2009 6:36am
Thx for the 'promo' Justin. I am excited to find some real talent viewable on S6 ~
Fisherman commented on Tuesday, May 31, 2016 11:50am
your works are cool !
please look my new works

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