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January 7
Turtle God
The inspiration behind this piece comes from the way that The Sims lets your imagination run wild casting you into an entirely different world. To me, turtles represent longevity, so I wanted to bring this concept to life in celebration of The Sims 10th anniversary. I've also tried to project the complexity and depth of the game by showing the detailed inner workings of a little community at work.


The Totem Alias
My first burst of inspiration came from old video game covers that had a beautiful analog quality to the cover art and promotional material. I've always loved the bold graphics, bright colors and the dynamic compositions that were used in these covers. My challenge was to execute the connection between a human being and its avatar, this is the most significant and recognizable interface with the game. So I choose a marionette concept, something old world to compliment the digital world.


Technicolor Suburbs
Essentially, it's the game's setting, it's suburbia, the endless sprawl of houses, gardens, streets, telegraph poles. I grew up in a small village in the countryside, and then moved to central London, a super busy city, so I've only ever known 'suburbia' as an outsider, so it's always fascinated me. I love the repetitiveness of suburbia, it's a great inspiration!


What I like about The Sims is the hundreds of possibilities it offers when developing your new life: multiple love partners (everyone tried this one I guess), wild parties, unexpected death, monsters, ghosts, fights, unusual careers...Everything can go quickly out of control and that's what makes it so fun to me. That's what my illustration is simply all about: some typical scenes of the game that make a big happy mess together.


Characteristic Masks
Humans have various emotions and characteristics. It is an important component when it comes to socialization in "The Sims". So, I have come up with the representation of nine different emotions that I could typically think of. Then, when nine masks are combined with each other, that interprets human's characteristics.


Benny's Lunch Simulation
The Sims has long been our favourite game. Not to mention the only game we ever played more than once. What we particularly like about The Sims though is the non linear character of the game. In other words, one can do whatever he likes. As a matter of fact, we never got to a stage where we completed a house, but we managed to seriously disturb the neighbourhood in just a couple of hours (yes, Sauerkids is the loud, obnoxious and annoying neighbour, you wish to move, rather today than tomorrow).


Crystal Hamlet
The Sims is all about creating fictional worlds and communities, which in a funny way is parallel to certain themes that inspire some of my work. As a child I would build Lego towns and dioramas, places to escape to in my imagination. I love drawing houses and buildings, so this design offered me an ideal opportunity to create a small haven of my own making. This is my own little Sims village.


My piece for The Sims 10th Anniversary was inspired by great possibility that the game gives the player to be someone different and live in imaginary worlds. The characters and the atmosphere portrayed in my illustration is a small frame taken from my imaginary world's big picture.

GamingIllustrationMixed MediaCollage

We envisioned a random, daily, The Sims pre-party scene built with our Paul series.


December 2
Artist selection begins this week for The Sims collaboration
Hey everyone, just wanted to thank you all for your interest in helping us commemorate the first 10 years of The Sims, it's going to be solid.

As you know, we're ultimately looking for 10 artists to collaborate with us on this project. We're going to start inviting some people in this week, so look for an email shortly!