(S)trong. (T)alented. (U)nique. (K)nowledgable


Women stuck or grounded in inner peace, love and strength.

A FEMINIST art & lifestyle brand x Design Firm.

With our art we aim to move people, inspire positivity & light and to celebrate the beauty of strong intelligent WHOLE women.

The word "stuck" literally means captivated by, infatuated with, and immovable. It means remaining persistent and holding faithfully. Thus, we chose the name STUK because it describes who we are, where we have been, and who we continue to become everyday.

The #STUKGIRL is independent, focused, and fulfilled body, mind, and soul. She transcends any dissatisfactory situation – instead becoming "stuck" on learning, growing, and evolving into her truest and best self. STUK has a deeply romantic core - Not a romance with fame, a man or material gratification, but a deep romance with life. Through art we wish to inspire self-sufficient women to live without fear and with inner love.


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