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About MozelleMartin

As a little girl I became consumed by the art of Frida Kahlo. I wanted to be her - her art was psychological and emotional - it spoke to me. She taught me to be brave - to create from within - and to forget about what people expected. The awkward limits the brush made me feel trapped inside. Instead I threw the brush away and started painting with not only my fingers, but my hands, and sometimes my feet. In all, I trusted my intuition to open doors to the unpredictable... and still do.

I consider my work is "inner child expressionism" - that is, soul-inspired and spiritually driven. Although I was never sure what the end result would be, I used whatever "felt" right at the time as I layered textures, colors, and anything else. Even if my logic brain tried to resist, I pushed until it was out of the way. In doing so, I was usually pleased and, if not, I was still grateful for the experience. Many times the end results were surprises that I embraced and, through challenges, my sense of accomplishment and integrity ruled. I still consider each work to be an artistic translation of my inner thoughts, feelings, emotions, and visions. Created by *emotional expression* NOT *expectation*.
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