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Welcome to the official Society 6 site of THE RHYME IMPERSONATOR SHOW"

"A hilarious new half hour Comedy Show series set in NYC featuring original characters and Celebrity Impersonations"

We launched a "KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN" on October 5, 2012, to help complete our Comedy Show Pilot and pay everyone involved. Since then with 84 plus "BACKERS" we successfully raised 5k on 11/04/2012 for the show! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/r...nator-show

Since the successful funding of our Kickstarter campaign on 11/04/2012, we have filmed 2 comedy skits with yet 2 more to go to complete the pilot. We had no idea that we would attract so many talented and experienced individuals, some of which have even decreased their rates just because of their belief in the bigger picture and scope of our overall project.

After a careful viewing and analysis of the overall cost and expenses of the entire project, our financial planner I has determined that although 5k as a seed investment is sufficient enough to get the production rolling, it will however, not be enough to pay for the main film equipment such as lighting, insurance and final post production costs.

We are now planning on using different methods and avenues to raise the additional funds needed to complete our project, and one of the avenues is the selling of our "RHYME SHOW T-SHIRTS" and the recruiting of "CONTRIBUTORS", who in turn will receive various High Level "REWARDS" for their contributions to our Comedy Show Pilot project. Please support our show buy purchasing our T-Shirts and other promotional items here on Society6 and by spreading the word to all your family, friends and co. workers to do so as well.

Also feel free to view some of our "Contributor Reward Tiers" @ http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/r...nator-show/posts/377520 and if interested in any tier of your choice, then please contact us via Email at: therhymeimpersonatorshow@yahoo.com and we will contact you with details.

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On behalf of the entire cast and crew of the Rhyme Impersonator Show,



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