Natcharee Hansaward / GINKGO

Natcharee Hansaward (GINKGO) is an illustrator and artist base in Bangkok, Thailand. Interested in wildlife, nature, philosophy, history, book and human-being. Using mostly traditional mediums such as graphite, pen drawing, and painting in heart-warming coloured tonal illustration. She loves to experiment new techniques for creating various textures, surfaces and movements in her fine art works as well.

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Phone Skins by Natcharee Hansaward / GINKGO

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Happy Every Day! iPhone Skin
Happy Every Day!
by Natcharee Hansaward / GINKGO
Monsieur Beagle iPhone Skin
Monsieur Beagle
by Natcharee Hansaward / GINKGO
~ Kiss Kiss ~ iPhone Skin
~ Kiss Kiss ~
by Natcharee Hansaward / GINKGO
Little twin boy iPhone Skin
Little twin boy
by Natcharee Hansaward / GINKGO