The accident
The accident
Medium: Acrylics on watercolor paper
Dimensions: 18x24
artist notes: This is a very special piece for me cause she didn't start out the way that she looks now, in fact she was done in watercolors. A lot of watercolors, she was beautiful. I took my time working on her for about a week, 2-3 hours a day. I was so proud of my job and couldn't wait to get her framed. Well about a 2 weeks after she was framed, i wanted to do some fine detailing for an art show. I had some time on my hands while paint was drying on some other piece i was doing. I sat her down on the floor cause I just got her from out of her frame, went to use the bathroom, walked back into my living room and kicked over an open container on turpinod all over her! I FREAKED OUT! I picked her up ran to the tub and tried to rinse off the turpinod but it was too late, she just started to dissolve in my hands. I'm sure other artist out there have had there fair share of accidents, but this really was my first on this level and it depressed the shit out of me for weeks. I couldn't just throw her away, I felt horrible. So she just sat around my house for weeks just staring at me cause it was all my fault! One day I had enough of feeling sorry for myself and promised her that I would do whatever it took to bring her beauty back. I grab my brushes with a new sense of purpose , my acrylic paint with my imagination and whipped this bitch back to her former glory. After I was done all I could do is title her "The accident" as a reminder that sometime it's the shit that we get into as people that truly bring out the true beauty in us.