Ursa Wild

Ursa Wild is the original artwork of Alma Reyes Evans. Alma is a queer, intersectional feminist artist based in the Lower Hudson Valley. Primarily ink illustrations, sometimes paint, the artwork explores themes of nature, body autonomy, gender, sexuality, earth-based spirituality, feminism, the sacred, the whimsical, and the irreverent.

The name Ursa Wild was inspired by a mother bear the artist encountered in a shamanic journeying vision. The name was also inspired by the artist's personal mission to re-wild herself, to rediscover and embrace the ferocious, magical, unfettered self within and to provoke others to do the same.

Ursa Wild is currently open for commissions. For more information, please email ursawild@gmail.com

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Ursa Wild's Store

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Phytoplankton Framed Art Print
Framed Art Print
by Ursa Wild
Phytoplankton Art Print
Art Print
by Ursa Wild
Phytoplankton Canvas Print
Canvas Print
by Ursa Wild