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About Valerie Strecker

I grew up in Louisiana enjoying the rich cultural experiences of great food, nature, and family. Coming from an artsy family, mother & brother-artist and father-musician, provided me with an environment to imagine and create. My mom helped in teaching me design, composition, typography and the “hands on” art. As for the cg... that was self-taught!

Around age 17, I started airbrushing pixels with Windows Paint '95. A friend then introduced me to Adobe Photoshop 5 and said "this is the magic wand tool", "those are crawly ants" and "here's the paint bucket"... now go for it! I had no idea of the “fun” that lay ahead, but stuck with it! I've endured all of the “fun” aspects of maxing out 3 computers (now on computer no. 4, “Big Mac”) and at 26 I'm enjoying a successful art career as a graphic designer.
Valerie Strecker joined Society6 on November 9, 2011.