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About Virtualkee

✚ Spanish-based digital studio founded by Mila Tovar that specialises in abstract, fractal and minimal artworks for unconventional & soulful galactic explorers ✚ Unique Apparel & Home Decor inspired by the Fractal Universe.
✚ Website: http://virtualkee.com Contact: virtualkee@gmail.com
✚ Etsy Shop (Artworks available as digital downloads): http://virtualkee.etsy.com
✚ Twitter | Pinterest: @virtualkee
✚ Tumblr: http://virtualkeestudio.tumblr.com


✚ I Fear...
To be visible; rejected; exposed and criticised.
To be a coward.
To be negatively influenced by others.
Not to be good enough.
To lose inspiration.
My own auto-sabotage.
To get lost and not fulfil my own purpose in life.
To become the person I sense I am in my heart. To be real.

✚ I Choose...
To overcome my fears every day (EFT is of great help).
To be thankful for existing in this plane of reality.
To feel loved, protected and guided by a Loving Superior Intelligence (that connects us all).
To feel free to be myself; to express myself and to create my life in my own terms.
To believe in the evolution of humankind. To step aside "the illusion of time".
The present moment is timeless.
To trust that I already have all I need to start creating NOW.
To be guided by my dreams. I love transforming them in "haikus". They help me get connected magically.
To let ART guide me in my evolution. I surrender to that evolving energy.
To be PATIENT, PATIENT, PATIENT. I acknowledge the pressure coming from outside. I breathe it out. Now. Consciously.
To trust the demands of  my Self; look within; connect deeply and act accordingly.
To train my mind for the long haul. Handling myself requires Courage. I know.
To master the techniques of my trade. I love experimentation.
To ask for help, advice & guidance to those who are an example of self-mastery.
To collaborate with other creatives. I am open to the Magic that this may bring.
To value my work. It gives me a sense of peace and real purpose. I do not take criticism or adulation personally.
To become a thriving entrepreneur. Mind + Heart dancing in perfect balance. Beautiful!
To commit myself to the "Call of ART" for its own sake, not for fortune, or attention or applause.
My art is my duty and I trust it. Period.
To be an "example" of the choices I state here.
To be focused; centered and connected. I do not allow distractions. I am a pro.

✚ I Believe...
We are all Nature.
We are all connected.
Everything in the Universe is vibration and energy
Our perception determines our reality
Our perception is shaped by our deepest beliefs
The outside reality is a mirror of our inner reality
Challenges (disguised mainly as fears) are our greatest friends for evolution.
There is an inexhaustible supply of love, wisdom and creativity within me. I just need to be attuned to my inner call to have full access to it.
It's our duty (as a species) to evolve + raise our consciousness
When we raise our vibration, we expand our consciousness
In LOVE as The Supreme Language.
We are unique pieces of Art.
Art is Sacred.

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