Squirrels & Time
Squirrels & Time
“It is not known to humans but common knowledge among the Folk of Faery that Squirrels possess the talent of time-telling. What is time-telling? It is more than just telling the time—indeed, time-telling is distinct from ‘an acute awareness of what time it is.’ In fact, some have submitted that sciurine time-telling borders on chronomancy, that squirrels are sorcerers of the clock, not just attuned to that wind of change we call time but able, with their little paws and sensitive rhinariums, to alter it! They collect minutes like nuts, bury them in secret caches in the ground all over, so that after the winter, hours might sprout and grow into decades. Casting shade across the years, these temporal-trees can only be climbed and navigated by their gardeners.”
“I’m confused.”
“Listen: Squirrels can time-travel!”
“They scurry between the branches of yester and morrow!”
“That’s impossible!”
“Is it?”
“Ever since this Damned Plague, I don’t know anymore.”
“Take off your blind-fold, good sir.”
“I will not—I might catch the Stupendous Pestilence what all’ve London’s been singing and dancing about?”
“I dare say you are already infected.”
“How would you know!?”
“I feel obliged to inform you that I am a chicken.”
“A chicken? A Cockle-dee-doodle-doo chicken?!”
“Just so.”
“Well…Mr. Cock…why ought I believe your nonsense about Squirrels, even if you are a chicken?”
“We Roosters serve the same purpose as your big-belled churches! We announce the day! My dear infected gentleman—we work for the Squirrels!”