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About XRAY

I was a kid who watched a lot of T.V. and drank a lot of Kool-Aid. During childhood, I experienced a mix of military and native cultures eventually sending me on a quest to find a universal language that could express the mix of mythologies in my life. In my early teens, I became involved in skateboarding and graffiti, this continued for over 2 decades.
In my paintings, I take symbolism from religion, commercial pop-culture and my own sub-conscious to create “visual equations”. I go for utilitarian efficiency in my work combined with cartoon simplicity. I see my paintings as modern totems wherein I use corporate aesthetics to “advertise” spiritual and existential themes. The exaggerated use of color and shapes is reminiscent of the toy and candy advertisements that I grew up with.
I use hand techniques but am influenced by the "computer-graphics age". I usually finish the work with ultra-glossy resin to achieve the most “plastic” look possible.
Some of my inspirations are military insignia, nature, skateboard and tattoo art, tarot cards, Native cultures, "secret society" symbolism, Japan, propaganda, diagrams, video-games, the 1980's, science and action movies
Some of my favorite artists are Mark Ryden, Ryan Mcguiness and Jean-MichelBasquiat.
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