Inside the Mind of Knorphus Zortorch
Inside the Mind of Knorphus Zortorch
A year ago, I attended an Ocean Beach art show and ended up buying the painting below for $53. (How that price was named will be explained later) The artist is locally notorious for his tube time at the jetty, and for dropping lyrics at random house parties, but not yet for his art.
His name is Knorphus Zortorch.

What inspires you to make art?
The creation aspect of art is manufacturing tokens from my thoughts. My mind creates constantly, art is the product. Art is an occasional souvenir for keeps or for sale.

Why are so many of your characters dismembered?
Why not? There is a whole faction of our society that we are protected from who are dismembered, diseased and dying. Why not point them out for your amusement?

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