The Sculptures of DJ Brelje
The Sculptures of DJ Brelje
On a quiet Sunday afternoon amongst rows of warehouse buildings in Mira Mesa, DJ Brelje is the only person we've bumped into for miles. Locked away in his live/work space, DJ is hard at work trying to find a cure for his insatiable need to create.

What goes through your head while working with metal for hours?
Sometimes I ask myself, “Why am I making this shit?” Other times I feel like I’m Harry Potter. Art is a battle, but with the aid of tools I have the ability to manipulate metal in ways I would normally think not possible. If melting puddles of metal isn’t magical then I don’t know what is. I like to think about how I am going to stick one object to another, like balls or other genitalia to an old Popeye style anchor. I’m interested in how two different materials transition from one to the other and about all the different ways to do so.

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