About Zany Du Designs

Zany Du Designs derived from a nickname given to me by my family when I was a child. If your family is anything like mine- they like to make weird variations of your name. Sometimes beyond recognition and I was no exception. Zany came from aleXANdra and Du came from... well, I don't really know.

When I was in high school I tried my hand at screenprinting using hosiery and a round loom with paint from the store. My first year in college I received a SpeedBall start up printing kit. My first shirt was for a softball team that formed from students in my dorm. Printmaking really spoke to me and it wasn't until my last semester in college that I did an independent study to learn the ways of screen printing. I was laid off during the summer of 2012 and decided after job hunting again all summer that I would just start my own business out of my decrepit garage.
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