About ZEKE

Zeke, master of interplanetary portraiture and extra terrestrial culture whore is trying to find the answers. A feral romanticist to the core, her work dances from medium to medium with both intensity and flippancy. The ferocity of Zeke's dedication to her practice is revealed in her adorably rancid creations. The humour inherent in her discordant characters mellows the shock of the grotesquery she forces her viewers to confront.

Zeke's work has been exhibited in a multitude of group shows across Australia, including 'Art Wank' at the Tate gallery and 'Stay Fly Block Party' at Ambush gallery. Her work is in a ever evolving state, constantly forming new mutations and variations like a species unto itself.
ZEKE joined Society6 on March 21, 2012. Verified on September 18, 2012.