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Zona C' by Ceci Pantin

About Zona C' by Ceci Pantin

I am an Artistgrapher: Artist + Graphic Designer.

I was born in Venezuela, the beautiful country with a diversity weather in the North of South America.

i have worked as a freelance designer since 1999.
I studied Digitale kunst|Digital Art in SLAC/Academie Beeldende Kunst in Leuven, België.

My style is Kawaii, a japanesse word wich means cute ^_^ I enjoy to create: Patterns and Characters.

I have a curiosity for learn and learn about the culture and history from my country and its images.

I love what i do because i acquire new knowledge with each one of my projects, so i try to never think I have reached my full potential.

Something about my work:
In the moment you buy my art you are not purchasing the right to print, copy, or reproduce my images in any way without my permission.

Zona C' By Ceci Pantin joined Society6 on August 28, 2015.