I am a passionate artist and I love to do paintings, collages and digital art. Since I also like photography, I often try to combine both in mixed media designs. More pure photos you will find in my other store: https://society6.com/lebensartphotography and for texture, and pattern, many in black and white I have: https://society6.com/lebensartdesign. Here, in this store, you will find trend designs for home decor, for bathroom living room, bedroom, kitchen, children's bedrooms but also outdoor products, wall art, furniture, table top, office, tech, apparel, bags and other lifestyle products. My style is unique and exceptional and topic vary from vintage to modern, boho, colors, neutrals, marble, mineral, elegance, exclusives, abstract, painting, arabesque, grunge, casual, botany, birds, animals, Africa, concrete, contemporary, enchanted, spiritual, magical, delicate, cockatoos, flamingos, floral, toucan, cats, dogs, reptile, palm trees, jungle, exotic, tropical, geometric, ethnic, wildlife, wild, elephant, oriental, newspaper, nature, pattern, butterfly, safari, maps, travel, adventure, explore, wanderlust, luxury, denim, mandalas, modern, purity, simplicity, minimalist, stained glass, glitter, glamour, precious, rose gold, roses, retro, monstera, moroccan tiles, peacock, surf, beach, coastal and many more!

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Ink Art Art Print
Ink Art Art Print
by LebensART