Camper Gift Guide: What To Buy Those Who Wander

We all have those friends who just can't seem to stay indoors. While I'm most in touch with my soul in a heated room, with my own bed and my own wireless internet access, these so-called "outdoorsy-types" somehow find the comforts of our modern world to be completely uncomfortable. If this perspective is so outside of your own personal experience that you have no idea what to buy your camping cohorts, we've got you covered. Our outdoor experts have put together a collection for those who camp, so you'll feel Christmas-confident even if your idea of camping is staring at your new Apple Yosemite desktop background. Ah, so beautiful. 

Camper Gift Guide: What To Buy Those Who Wander

Camper Gift Guide: What To Buy Those Who Wander

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Maud Chalard is a French photographer with some serious wanderlust for the great outdoors. We asked for her tips on how to shop for the tricky people in her life. Check them out below!

Camper Gift Guide: What To Buy Those Who Wander

Who is your hardest person to shop for and why?

The most complicated person is my love, Theo. Each occasion (Christmas, birthday or just when I want to make him happy), it is always a huge stress. I spend hours trying to find the perfect gift! To me, a gift is a very important thing and I really want the person to be positively affected. For Theo, I want to succeed in surprising and moving him again and again (even after three years of relationship). Theo is a person who likes the simple things so the problem is that he already has almost everything!

What's your best tip for finding a gift for hard people to shop for?

The most important thing is to really think about the person, their personality and what makes them tick. Personally, I love to find some surprising gifts that match the person 100%. The best advice is to really take your time and think about what might surprise the person. You want them to open the gift and say "Wow, i's amazing! You know me so well!".

Give us an example of the perfect gift.

The perfect gift would be the framed photo of the bison from Kevin Russ! And what's funny is that this gift is also the perfect gift for me! In fact my boyfriend gave it to me earlier this year. He knew I was a big fan of this photographer and particularly of this picture. One day I received a package and it was the photo! It hangs in my room and I look at it with love every night before going to bed. 

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