Turn your unused walls from blank to beautiful with our curated array of gallery wall collections. We showcase four distinct styles for you to choose from, and if you're feeling stuck, take our gallery wall quiz to pair you with your ideal decor style.

What's Your Gallery Wall Style?

Defined by clean lines and refined style, minimalism allows you the luxury of adding pops of color wherever you see fit.

Framed Art Print
by Explicit Design
Framed Art Print
by PrintsProject
Framed Art Print
by subliming
Art Print
by Ingrid Beddoes photography

Boho captures a rustic and free-spirited look often combining organic colors with imagery evoking the natural world.

Framed Art Print
by Sarah Eisenlohr
Framed Art Print
by Alja Horvat
Framed Art Print
by City Art

Blurring the lines between outside and inside spaces, mid century modern balances geometric shapes with bold colors.

Framed Art Print
by Chris Schoonover
Art Print
by Tracie Andrews
Framed Art Print
by Mid-Sketchery Modern
Framed Art Print

Never shy about the bold and bright, maximalism welcomes in all the colors of the rainbow with confident artistic styles.

by Alja Horvat
Framed Art Print
by Grace
Framed Art Print
by Circa78Designs
Canvas Print
by BlueHelmi

Gallery Wall Tips and Tricks

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How to Hang Your Gallery Wall

Okay, you have your art, but now what? Watch this quick video and become an expert in hanging your entire gallery wall in just a few simple steps.

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