Laurie Karine

Wander into a dreamy land, where the grass is soft and the birds sing hymns? My outdoor photography takes you along!

I enjoy photos when they are beautiful and when they are real. Not perfect (preferably not), no-nonsense and simple, yet dreamy.

I like to climb, in the climbing gym or outside on rocks. I like to make hikes. I am a happy person when I eat with friends and then play a board game. And when I drive my tent pegs into the ground.

I want to go hiking in the mountains very often – and maybe I will. This summer I hope to travel to Wales. I'll bring my camera, promise. And then my landscape photos will follow soon!

I am an outdoor photographer based in the Netherlands.

Would you like to know more about my outdoor photography prints? Ask me on Instagram (@lauriekarinedemaker)!

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