Stoian Hitrov stoyanin

Born in Bulgaria, i was surrounded by the natural beauty of the countryside, which would later become a central theme in my art. I was drawn to the vibrant colors and ever-changing moods of the landscape, which served as a constant source of inspiration.

I pursued formal art education, studying at atelier of the painter Garo Muradyan where I honed my skills in pastels, watercolors and acrylic. It was during this time that I began to experiment with impressionist techniques, capturing the fleeting moments and atmospheric effects in my landscapes.

My style is a fusion of vibrant colors, bold brushwork, and impulsive ability to capture the essence of a moment or emotion. Whether it's a serene landscape bathed in the soft glow of dawn or a portrait that conveys the tumultuous sea of human emotions, my work try toresonates deeply with viewers........

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