Textile Series - Loom Metal Print

Metal Print

Textile Series - Loom

by Deepti Munshaw

Our metal prints are thin, lightweight and durable 1/16" aluminum sheet canvas. The high gloss finish enhances color and produces sharp image details. Each sheet has a 3/4" wooden frame attached to the back to offset from the wall. Prints have a wire or sawtooth hanger, depending on size selected.


Recently we went to Mexico on vacation... land of beautiful people and beautiful colors! :) During this trip, I got Inspired by the textiles & colors of Mexico. I have created this series as a way to express my admiration and gratitude to the Textile industry. Having worked in fashion industry for many years, I've come to respect the collective genius of this industry... designing, pattern making, production, sourcing... and all that goes behind the scene. The most fundamental part of it is the Fabric itself, which is the body and soul of a garment.
While driving towards Todos Santos, we came across this Blanket Industry, where they have this Loom on which the Weaver works his magic. It's amazing to see the whole weaving process, and how a piece of textile is created. I had this magnificent chance to try my hands on this harness device. The word 'Handmade Fabric' took a whole different meaning.... made me feel more respect & fascination for the whole process. I had seen this art in India too, where hand woven fabric still holds a significant share in Textile industry. The digital age has taken away the satisfaction and fulfillment one feels after creating 'something' with their own hands. Now I feel that may be I should also learn this art. Will definitely look into this.... wonder where they teach here. :)

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