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Introducing The Artist Studio
I'm excited to announce a new (and long-requested feature) for Society6: our brand new art / product upload and publishing system - the Artist Studio! For much of 2016, the Society6 development team has been working under the hood for this release and the many additional upgrades to come. For years you've worked with our classic upload system, and while many have learned to use it well, many others have suffered through limitations in both efficiency and flexibility. When setting out to build a completely new upload system, we relied on your…
New Feature: Updated Site Navigation
Hey S6 - we hope you like our new navigation! As our product line has grown we wanted to take a new approach to our navigation that will support our future growth and help surface the newest artists, artwork and content across Society6. We've done that in a few ways: 1. We are now featuring popular artists and new artists by department! Our art algorithms find artists that are killing it and picks a few to show in our navigation. You'll see new picks every time. We are also bringing attention to our incredible S6 Collections and Lookbooks to help customers find…
Introducing the Newly Redesigned Collections!
We're super excited to announce our redesigned Collections! This is particularly awesome for artists, curators and members. Your Collections now appear on your Profile homepage with added features, cleaner feel and smoother functionality. Here's how it'll help ya... Artists : Categorize your work with greater ease. Provide context for collections or a series of work with a short…
How Artists Are Making Great Use of the Society6 Collections Feature w/Examples
Since it's release last month, S6 artists and members have cooked up over 6,800 collections. That's with little more than a blog post worth of instruction. It's a small victory, but tells us we're heading in a great direction with the new Collections feature - and artists have really picked up on it. So, who was this feature designed for? Artists, members,…
New Feature: Collections
Hi Society6, I'm Matt and I'm Product Director here at S6. This means that I'm responsible for the actual Society6 website. I work behind the scenes with a team of talented designers and developers to bring great new features to you and our customers. A few months back we asked a lot of you what we should focus on next and we received a ton of great feedback. The loudest support was for a way for you to organize your work into more specific groupings. Today we are very excited to announce the release of our new Collection feature, available now…
A few more enhancements; Upcoming, New, Comments, and Promote from your Society
Last week we made some solid improvements to S6, which we encourage all members to read about here

Based on everyone's feedback (special thanks to Isaac Bidwell for jumping on the phone with me), we've got a few more for you today...

As you know, all of the Posts on the homepage (whether associated with a Product for sale, or not) were posted within the last 24 hours, and garnered the most promotions from the community - the Popular posts.

We've created the concept of UPCOMING UPCOMING is directly accessible from the VIEW RECENT POSTS link on the homepage, and is the forerunner of Popular Posts - the Posts made within the last 24 hours (whether product or not) that are on the rise, and only a few promotions shy of making it to the homepage. You will also notice that since these posts are primarily intended for us members, they will take you directly to the respective artist's Studio.

We've also brought back NEW (also accessible from the VIEW RECENT POSTS link on the homepage) to help give even greater exposure to new artists and artwork.

Members who are logged-in will notice that we've added Comments to every product page within the Shop, which is also another direct link into that fellow member's Studio.

And lastly, we've added Promote buttons to each post within your Society, so that you can more easily promote the work of members that you follow.
Home improvement on Society6
Hey everybody! As you may have noticed, we've just made some exciting updates to Society6.

First off, we’ve organized the Posts on the homepage by POPULAR PRODUCTS (Posts with products for sale), and POPULAR POSTS (Posts that do not have products for sale) posted within the last 24 hours.

For those of you that love to promote, we've added VIEW RECENT POSTS showing the 20 most recent Posts to help give even greater exposure to new artists and artwork.

POPULAR ARTISTS features the artists with the greatest number of promotions within the last 48 hours, and takes visitors directly to your artist page within the Shop.

We’ve added “More from this Artist” to your product pages within the Shop to highlight more products for those predisposed to purchase your work.

You can now Follow any artist directly from their artist page within the Shop.

You can now Promote any Post from the product page within the Shop.

We’ve eliminated those pesky “Buy” icons from the homepage, by simply replacing them with the price of your Mini Fine Art prints.

We're on to the next round of goodies...

Thanks again for being a part of Society6!
Check out them headless bodies! New Society6 Tee Previews
Hey there y'alls. We've just updated the Tee previews on Society6. We've added photos of real humanoids, headless they may be, and also a bit of technical secret sauce that selects default tee color based on the design. These changes affect all Tee previews; in the Shop, with our Retail Partners and also in your own Studios and posts. Take a look and enjoy!
Following and Endorsing on Society6
In addition to some other tweaks we are making you may also notice that Subscribe has been changed to Endorse. We've decided to streamline these features a bit. here's the basics. Following has not changed, other than the color of the button you use to Follow or Unfollow. It still adds all the updates from that person to your Society (My Society).

Endorsements are simply a way for you to say you like what that Studio is up to. You are added to the list of Endorsers and vice versa you see the Studios that you've endorsed on your profile page.
Sell your artwork as gallery quality PRINTS on Society6!
Thanks to everyone who helped us beta test the new Product Platform for Society6 and for everyone else who showed so much excitement and patience with it.

We've officially opened up the features for everyone! Now all current and future members of Society6 can sell their artwork as gallery quality prints right here on Society6 just by making a Product Post! Look for the checkbox on the right side of the post page that says "Sell this artwork as a print", then simply upload your high-res file, set your pricing and we'll handle the rest!

We will be adding new products like iPhone and Laptop skins (and more) to the mix so stay tuned. The same artwork you've made available for sale as prints will seamlessly become available as additional products when we add them shortly.

Also, once you have posted your artwork for sale as a print, not only will it show up in the main Shop, the Charts and more, but you will also have a Store within your Studio. Look for the orange Store button on the right side in your Studio. You can use this to point friends and fans directly to all the artwork you have for sale as prints on Society6. here's an example link:

For those of you looking to throw something new on your walls, head on over to the Shop and check it out. We recently dropped our international shipping rates in half since the beta.

Stay tuned for more updates. Thanks again!

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